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whew! [Sep. 2nd, 2006|11:38 pm]
The House of Destruction

[mood |accomplished]

Our online store has been revamped. Check it out!

New Arrivals!

Accessory - Forever & Beyond

And One - So Klingt Liebe (S)

And One - So Klingt Liebe (E)

And One - So Klingt Liebe (X)

Apoptygma Berzerk - The Harmonizer DVD w/Unicorn EP

Bauhaus - Gotham (Double CD)

Bauhaus - Gotham (DVD)

Corvus Corax - Venus Vina Musica

Ego Likeness - Order of the Reptile

Heimataerde - Kadavergehorsam

Oomph! - Gott Ist Ein Popstar (Limited Edition)

Pzychobitch - Electrolicious

ThouShaltNot - Land Dispute

Various Artists - Dancing in the Dark 2006

Velvet Acid Christ - Wound

More exciting news to come!
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Just In! [Jun. 26th, 2006|12:59 am]
The House of Destruction

[mood |exhaustedexhausted]
[music |Android Lust - Dragonfly]

New Arrivals!

Android Lust - Devour, Rise, and Take Flight

Attrition - A Tricky Business

CFX/ XNDL - The Plague (Limited Edition)

Diva Destruction - Exposing The Sickness

Edge of Dawn - The Flight [Lux]

Faith & Disease - passport to kunming

Frontline Assembly - Artificial Soldier

Haujobb - Vertical Mixes

Informatik - Re:Vision

Katzenjammer Kabarett - Katzenjammer Kabarett

KMFDM - Hau Ruck

lovesliescrushing - bloweyelashwish

Noise Unit - Voyeur

Project Pitchfork - Kaskade

Rajna - Black Tears (An Anthology)

Rotersand - Welcome to Goodbye

Soulwhirlingsomewhere - Please sennd help

System Syn - Postscript

The Actor - Covergirl EP (Limited Edition)

Unto Ashes - Grave Blessings

Unto Ashes - MOON oppose MOON

Various - A Dark Cabaret

Various - Summoning of The Muse

Various Artists - Electronic Renaissance

VNV Nation - Matter + Form

Voltaire - Almost Human

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RIP [Jun. 21st, 2006|05:24 pm]
The House of Destruction

[mood |sadsad]
[music |Faith and the Muse - Gone To Ground]

The House of Destruction will be closed until Monday June 26th in memory of Sean Johnson, a much loved member of our little family. All orders that have been placed before today have already been shipped. Any that are received between now and Monday will be processed on Monday with the shipping charge refunded.

(no subject) [Jun. 20th, 2006|02:45 pm]
The House of Destruction

[Current Location |The House of Destruction]
[mood |bouncybouncy]

Frontline Assembly and more is on the way!

New Additions as of 06.16.06
Combichrist - Get Your Body Beat EP
Imperative Reaction - Eulogy For The Sick Child (Re-Issue)
In Strict Confidence - Exile Paradise
Amduscia - From Abuse to Apostasy
Faith and The Muse - The Burning Season
Mindless Self Indulgence - Straight To Video: The Remixes
Delaware - Lost In The Beauty Of Innocence
The Birthday Massacre - Violet
Juno Reactor - Odyssey 1992-2002
And One - Military Fashion Show
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(no subject) [Jun. 20th, 2006|02:36 pm]
The House of Destruction

The House of Destruction is a music store based in Raleigh, NC specializing in goth, industrial, EBM, darkwave, punk, and anything else that tickles the owners fancy. Currently we are mail-order and travelling only while we hunt for a permanent location.
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